3 Ingredients for Life.

  • 3MinMeditation

    3 Minute Meditation 3 minute meditation is life changing – every day. It’s giving you a little opportunity to open up your heart and mind to the possibility of meditation. I also know how hard it is to quieten those pesky inner thoughts. I bet finding that 3 minutes in a day to meditate is […]

  • Growing Garlic

    We use so much garlic in our house! The best time to plant garlic is on the ‘shortest day’ of the year, coming into winter. There are many varieties but you have to make sure you get organic and not genetically modified. Usually the ones from your supermarket are genetically modified to not allow further […]

  • 72 Hour Negativity Detox Challenge

    I’ve been inspired. I’ve got an idea and I hope we can all do it to create a change in ourselves, and for our world. Perhaps I’m being idealistic and living up in the clouds… but in my heart I feel if we all attempt this we’ll all feel better, feel lighter, and be more […]

  • Delicious Strawberry Toast

    Toast. Yum. Strawberries. Yum. A healthy alternative to using strawberry jam is to simply pop some raw berries on your toast! Strawberry Toast 4 pieces of golden toasted sourdough 4-10 strawberries sliced Good quality butter Toast – your sourdough Butter – your toast with lashings of butter (healthy?) Pop – as many strawberries as desired […]

  • Guess what your cheese is made from?

    Guess what your cheese is made from? Wait, what is rennet? I love cheese, and I’ve seen those shows showing how they make cheese and how they age cheese and I know you need rennet to make cheese, but I had no idea what conventional rennet is. I was totally ignorant and totally unaware and […]

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