What’s really in your natural yoghurt

Yoghurt has to be my most favorite dairy delight ever! However, I’ve noticed lately the labeling of yoghurt has become cheekier and much more misleading. To me natural yoghurt is plain old yoghurt, no sugar, no cream, no added unnecessary stuff to muck up the entire reason for eating yoghurt… to be healthy. And most other flavoured yoghurts have copious amounts of sugar, so you may as well be hoeing into a Mars bar.

I was shocked one day while perusing the yoghurt fridge that most ‘natural Greek style’ yoghurt has cream in it. Boo Hoo! I don’t want it. The pic below is one of my current faves, truly natural, no cream, no sugar, just yoghurt! I’ll add to it what I want, when I want, on my own thank you very much!

natural yoghurt

My Greek Style Natural Yoghurt Recipe

I also love the Jalna Bio-dynamtic full fat yoghurt too. Yes, yes I do.

Natural Yoghurt

Pop – clean tea towel into a sieve
Pop – the sieve into a bowl allowing some room between the sieve and the bowl
Pop – yoghurt into tea towel that’s in the the sieve, that’s in the bowl
Wrap – the over hang of the tea towel to cover yoghurt
Pop – in fridge for an hour or so, until yoghurt is really thick and much of the water has dripped out of the yoghurt into the bowl

Think, creamy and delicious but noooooo cream! And tastes way better than store bought!

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