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Is this the world we really want to live in? Supermarkets packed full of chemical and preservative laced cardboard food, mining waste being dumped and destroying the beautiful barrier reef, humans being paid slave wages to reduce the cost of our coffee and chocolate, and no disclosure by the authorities of the health ramifications and environmental impact of the pesticides used to grow our fruit and vegetables.

Sustainable and environmental food practices are vital to keep us alive. And it is our responsibility to be aware that our choices have ethical consequences, be it for our children, the vegetables and animals we eat, the future, or plain and simply you and I.

Despite what the politicians try to convince us of, we don’t own the earth. We are just visitors here, and if we respect the earth it will repay us with all that we desire, and what we need to live a blessed life. I don’t proclaim to have all the answers. I don’t know what will change people’s attitudes. I don’t know how to change the world. But all I do know is when I touch and nourish the earth I feel better. Walking into my garden on a summer’s evening, reaching down to pick a lettuce I’ve grown, and brushing off the dirt is a simple connection to something real, something natural, and something else, maybe even spiritual. Now, I’m not trying to get all down and dirty in some hippy shit. It is spiritual, but in an empowering way, coming from an awareness of how our food decisions impact our world, our life and our heart. Life should be about the greatest things in life. Eating and preparing great food for friends and family is a simple celebration of life everyday. I suppose I hope these ideas can open your heart to a greater sense of empowerment to change your world. Let’s get excited through the love of food, knowing we are caring for us and respecting the planet in our little way. We are blessed. Sometimes we just need to stop, breathe and realise what we’re doing.

The fact is the ethical food choices we make help define us. It’s very easy to hide behind what we’ve been told to think, eat and accept without questioning. But we are not faceless robots – yet – and there are direct consequences to what we do. We can change ourselves by making a decision, that might mean fewer chemicals, less inhumane treatment, or less pollution. We can choose, it’s not the outside influences’ choice. The multinational companies are even trying to control the seeds we need to grow our own food. Food equals life, and if you control the food, you control the man. Unfortunately, these are not extremist or paranoid ideas, governments are making these decisions on your behalf. We have somehow been conditioned to not question it. What passes for food now is often more chemistry and plastic packaging then something that grew. How much of what we eat is actually real food? Straight from the earth to your mouth? Where have we gone wrong? Sharks are being culled, mining waste is being dumped into the barrier reef, our farming land is at risk by gas exploration by fracking, shelf-stable food is laden with chemicals, our clothes are covered in chemicals to keep them looking good, our oceans are being overexploited, animals are kept for slaughter in horrendous cruel conditions, all for money that none of us will ever see. And do the means justify the end anyway? To me, the reasons just don’t cut it. Beyond all of ethical food choices, simplicity and eating vegetables with little or no processing or packaging equals less chemicals in our bodies.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m saying knowledge is power, and so let’s start asking some questions. Why are so many chemicals being used? Why are they necessary? Life is simple, let us make the decisions.

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