The Family Home. Greece.

greek hand painted sign

About ten years ago my dad decided to buy a piece of land on a small island in the middle of the Aegean in Greece. It’s become a refuge for family and friends to meet while traveling Europe and a place that holds so much of what we are creating here in Australia. The vast water that stretches beyond is mesmerizing, the view spectacular beyond two smaller islands and over the waters of the Aegean sea. As the color of the day changes so does the island, cascading and winding around the cliffs, the ocean reflecting up and mixing both land and sky.

greek island view
greek island view

Dad’s house rests on the back of enormous rock faces with ancient olive trees, sage bushes and goats living harmoniously together. The cliffs are rugged, dry and hot during the day and as the late afternoon emerges the rock faces undergo a transformation from brown to red, to yellow, and blue hazes that reflect and bounce a sublime light of the setting sun.

greek island view from bedroom
greek bedroom
greek island cliffs

The Greek island still holds an innocence about it, a feeling of living simply and as raw as the landscape. One of my favorite parts of visiting Greece is the way we get our food. Everyday or two a man in his little red truck filled with fresh fruit and vegetables drives past the house. The house is set high above the road so you can see his little truck winding around the twisting narrow bends along the ocean as he travels out from the main port. As he gets closer, he gives a little toot, and you respond with a little wave if you’re wanting to purchase his goods today. Divine watermelons, capsicums, cucumbers, grapes, lemons, oranges, zucchinis, garlic, and onions. So fresh, and everything you need. I speak the little Greek I know which seems to impress him and he starts to chat away. Eeeekk, I blush and say sorry, I only know ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. He blushes too and we have a laugh. For 10/15 euro I buy copious amounts of healthy, beautiful fresh food. ‘Efkharistó’ (thank you) I say, he waves and off he goes. Precious! Oh, how I wish I could do this back at home.

greek food
greek island view and food

Ok, now to present my fruit and vegetables proudly to everyone and time for a swim, a vino and a siesta.

greek decore
greek island bedroom

We head down the road to our friend’s bar that sits right on the water. Looking over the ocean under the homemade sun umbrellas, our feet lapping in the water as we sit and drink Mythos (the national Greek beer). We watch the men spear fishing for fresh squid. They emerge from the water with 7,8,9 squid attached to their fingers, and begin beating them on the rocks to make the squid more tender for our eating. The best way to eat calamari is straight from ocean to BBQ to table.

greek island beautiful beach
greek island boat
greek food

Fillet calamari, place on a hot bbq for about a minute and serve immediately with freshly squeezed lemon. Delicious!! Oh and a beer!

greek beer
The deck around the house becomes the main living area. Never scared to move the inside furniture outside, we set up each morning for our day of indulgences. Food, wine, exploring, swimming and fun. The food I had gathered the day before becomes the focus of my day, I simply can’t wait to use the beautiful vegetables. Early that morning our friends drop over a large bag full of small fish and a large bag of bread, fresh from their bakery. Heavenly!

greek food

My inspiration:

greek cooking

Baked fish with capsicum, capers, tomato and dill

fish (one large fish or a a few smaller ones to wrap individually)
1 medium capsicum (cut into long pieces)
4 teaspoons capers
2 tomatoes (roughly chopped)
a few sprigs of dill or parsley
salt pepper
olive oil

foil (enough to wrap 1 fish or wrap smaller ones individually)

place – a small amount of olive oil on foil place fish on foil
add – tomato, capsicum, capers, salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil
fold – foil to make into a parcel with no holes.
place – in hot oven/BBQ for about 15 mins

serve with salad and bread

greek angel

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