Soil Management



is the essential ingredient in the fertility of your vegetable garden. It must be well rotted and never fresh as it will burn your plants. I use chicken and cow manure as part of my soil management.


is also an essential part of your vegetable crop. Have a little bucket with a lid near the kitchen sink, and get into the good habit of composting all your food scraps into a compost bin. Then turn out the composted organic matter onto your vegie garden to give the soil a huge boost.

Blood and Bone

helps to break up the soil which is good for health and texture for the micro-biology (the living organisms that make up the soil, and contribute hugely to the soil health).

Sea Weed Solution

will revitalise plants through their growing life. So best to use now and while the plants develop.


To get a little more complicated and fiddly, you can plant green manure crops to improve soil. These are things like alfalfa or mustard that are dug into the soil just before they seed to enrich the soil with humus.
Depending on what type of soil you are dealing with will depend on the further bits and pieces you may need to do. But I gotta say it’s amazing what a bit of poo and compost can do!

Pea Straw

Don’t forget the mulch too! Pea straw is great mulch for soil management because the mulch will self-sow and sprout pea shoots, which enrich the soil with nitrogen. Look up my post on mulch for more details…..

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