Defence! Defence! Protect your Garden from Slugs and Snails – Organically

So to keep your precious little organic garden vegetables growing and becoming your food, you’re probably going to have to fight off some slugs and snails.

slug control sign

Best slug control tips:

  • Sprinkling some wood ash from your fireplace around the plants.
  • Putting out trays of beer that the slugs crawl into and drink themselves drunk (and dead). Check the beer traps everyday and empty the slugs out and refill them with beer.
  • Taking the crushed up eggshells from your omelette and placing them around your plants.


Slugs and snails hate crawling over harsh dry surfaces, so the ash and eggshells should deter most of them. Don’t forget to check under your plants’ leaves, and the areas all around them. As icky as it sounds, if you do see those suckers in your garden, squash ’em! If you have organic tips on how to get rid of slugs, please let us know.

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