I’m an actor, a model and a mum, I’ve been lucky to have a career in entertainment for 10 years. Since finishing my acting degree I’ve continued to study acting and work in the entertainment world. (I’ve done lots of television commercials, tv drama, theatre and modelling stuff.)

Fitness and nutrition are a massive part of my life. Practicing yoga and running are my loves and I’m currently on the path to become a qualified yoga teacher too, woohoo! But I’m always up for trying new exciting ways to keep fit.

Being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with my little girl at the age of 28 was a huge shock. At this point my life changed – it had to, because my unborn child’s health depended on it – and I began to eat, live and view life differently. A Low GI diet has quite simply changed my life. I was forced to eat differently, slow down (as stress effects your insulin levels) and reassess the way I want to show my baby the world.

Since being cleared of having diabetes I’ve continued to change my life for the better, and I’m determined to keep diabetes as far away from our health as possible. Trust me it sucks! It’s encouraged a way of life that’s healthier, happier, and more active, with fewer chemicals, and more home grown produce. It also helped set me on a path to reducing, recycling, de-cluttering and simplifying what made up my family’s life. This has all lead to a minimal, simple, natural and beautiful kind of mantra for what we choose to surround us. Quite simply I feel more energetic, clearer mentally and emotionally, and I feel I’m living from the heart, truthfully.

My home is surrounded by mountains, forests and our very own waterfall, down the end of a winding dirt road in the Daylesford region of Victoria, Australia, totally off the grid with an amazing solar power system, fresh rainwater tanks, a vegetable patch, and our spirit to live the good life. What a challenge!

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