Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden is such an inspiring concept! Growing your own produce for your table – creating your own simple, fresh, ingredients that are packed with flavour and nutrients.


Over time, urban living has meant that we’ve grown removed from the production of the food we eat. The kitchen garden is a simple step to help re-connect with fresh food, take part in the natural processes of growing produce and re-claim control over chemical use and fertiliser use. The kitchen garden is now something many aspire to have and has recently begun taking on new forms, no longer requiring a huge country cottage with masses of land. The kitchen garden can be as simple as a pot you fill with herbs on your windowsill, or as large as transforming your front garden from lawn to vegetables.

Many community kitchen gardens are springing up, nature strip or verges are being turned into beautiful produce, and restaurants and cafes are growing amazing food for their patrons in their kitchen vegetable gardens. But you can begin with half a wine barrel on a balcony where you grow a few bits and pieces. Ultimately, all that matters is that you’re creating something you can pick from your garden and use in your kitchen. Getting involved and being responsible for creating your own food – even it’s a few herbs – is so satisfying, and getting your hands dirty is really refreshing. Not to mention the extra flavour and health benefits from growing your own food. It tastes better, and the nutrient levels are much higher when you’re taking food straight from garden to table.



Beginning to create my own food has made me more aware of where my food comes from, the quality of the produce, the sustainability of the processes used and the impact of environmental practices that develop food, oh, and how lucky we are to have a choice. Becoming more aware of fresh fruit and vegetables encourages you to eat more of them, which is healthier and better for your mind, body, and soul. Growing your own food creates an independence and confidence that comes with the knowledge that you are taking control. It also instills a feeling of pride, particularly when you share meals with family and friends with produce you have grown. Re-thinking our western diet of highly processed foods loaded with fats, salts and sugars with freshly picked fruit, vegetables, and whole foods not wrapped in plastic is a great way to avoid the temptation of fast food and take away options. Because when you grow your own food, you want to eat your own. And picking produce direct from your vegetable garden right before you eat it delivers so many more nutrients and antioxidants than produce that sits in supermarkets for long periods before you get it home to your kitchen.

So if you’re thinking about a kitchen garden, just get started! Plant some herbs in a pot, and enjoy the taste, better health and awesome feeling of enjoying your own produce. Do it!

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