Healthy Shopping: Should I Buy Organic or Regular?

Which fruit, vegetables and produce should we buy organic?

what organic vegetables to buy

Ever crunched into a delicious home grown carrot? Then you’ll know anything home grown and organic tastes better. A lot better. And if food is grown without being sprayed with poisonous pesticides, or hit with chemical fertilizers, it’s a better story for our body – no chemical traces, and much more nutritious and nourishing. But it’s not always that simple to tick all boxes when buying our food, and we all know being able to afford ‘organic’ is sometimes just not possible. So what organic produce should we be using in our everyday life? Well, everything ideally, but what about a checklist for the “must-haves” for going organic, and what we can get away with buying regular varieties? Here’s some helpful info to help get you started…

Best to Go Organic:

Dairy – Free of antibiotics and hormones
Broccoli – More delicious! Here’s a cute tip on growing broccoli.
Chicken – ‘Free range’ is not heavily patrolled and chickens can still live in very cruel conditions and be fed antibiotics. Check out my post on free range eggs and caged chickens.
Lettuce – More delicious!
Celery – Now this is a tricky one for me. I gotta admit it’s tough to grow celery, so that’s why they spray them so heavily, but by golly we then put those pesticides in our mouth…. erk!!
Apples – Pesticides are used pretty heavily if not organic. Always buy your apples in season, they’ll taste better and be cheaper too.
Carrots – Taste the difference peeps! A carrot tastes so so much better organic or home grown!

What You Can Get Away with Not Being Organic… within reason…

Bananas – Although maybe not organic, buy ones that are allowed to ripen naturally on the tree or during transport. Many of the pretty looking ones in the super market are still green when they’re picked and then they’re gassed to make them ripen artificially. I hate when you choose an amazing golden yellow ripe looking banana, only to discover in the first bite it’s floury and not ripe at all. Sad face.
Garlic – Make sure you buy local garlic. Many of the bulbs in the super market have been bleached or whitened in some way so be careful what you chose. You might like to find out more on growing your own garlic!
Corn – Not much pesticide gets used, so it’s an OK choice.
Avocados – Buy Australian! Buy local. I’ve mentioned Barham Avocados being the best, and they don’t use pesticides!
Mushrooms – Limited pesticides, so OK to buy regular mushies.

Oh and try not to forget to seek out fair trade coffee and chocolate. Healthy working conditions and environmental choices for our faves.

It’s traces of pesticides we’re trying to avoid in our food choices. We do have choices that are great for our bodies and our planet. No harmful pesticides in our soils please. When we can afford to fork out the cash for organic, let’s do it! Then with time, let’s hope we can all bring the price of organic produce down to make it affordable for everyone, while knowing we’re doing something positive for our earth and supporting the organic farmers. Our farming land is being made less productive by the constant use of pesticides and chemicals, so more organic farming = a healthier earth, a healthier you and me.

fluffy baby chicken

Rant over.

Happy Face.

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