Growing Garlic

We use so much garlic in our house!

garlic cloves in a gorgeous bowl

The best time to plant garlic is on the ‘shortest day’ of the year, coming into winter. There are many varieties but you have to make sure you get organic and not genetically modified. Usually the ones from your supermarket are genetically modified to not allow further growing and you’ll only get a mini-clove size bulb if you try to propagate. The best place to buy bulbs is from local farmers markets or your local garden center, or even better from a friend. Garlic is said to have remarkable properties to fight against a range of illnesses, from the common cold to cancer.

Prepare your soil well in advance as the bulbs may rot if planted in newly manured soil. Hold the garlic between your thumb and forefinger and push down into well broken down soil. Make sure the point of the garlic is pointing up and about 3cm under the surface of the soil. If the garlic bulbs are pushed out slightly after a few days, cover with a little more soil.

Harvest garlic when the foliage has turned yellow. The weather is best to be dry and sunny so it creates less of a chance for the bulb to rot. Keep the dried foliage on the garlic so you can hang the bulbs individually or plait them and pop them inside in a dry place to completely dry out.

home grown garlic plaits drying
Tip – Garlic is great planted near your fruit trees and roses. The garlic is said to improve the fragrance of roses, and it also repels aphids. Look up my post on garlic spray for an organic way to keep insects off your vegetable garden.

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