72 Hour Negativity Detox Challenge

I’ve been inspired. I’ve got an idea that’s drawn from Gabrielle Bernstein and Yoko Ono, and I hope we can all do it to create a change in ourselves, and for our world. Perhaps I’m being idealistic and living up in the clouds… but in my heart I feel if we all attempt this we’ll all feel better, feel lighter, and be more in touch with the earth and other human beings.


Ok, so here I go.

For three days, go on a negativity detox – no negative thoughts towards others or ourselves – just for 72 hours. Let’s all try to say nothing negative about other people, or towards yourself. If a negative thought or a impulse comes in, forgive yourself for that negative thought, breathe and see it as a test, a test you are strong enough to let go of and get through. This is not to say you have to be fake, over-enthusiastic or hyperactive towards life. That would be counter-productive. It’s just about becoming aware of self, and how your thoughts, actions and attitude can shift and change the world for others and yourself, in the most simple yet profound ways. You will become aware of the positive aspects; the simple, light, open-hearted, smiling side of life that sometimes we forget to acknowledge. Getting clouded by the negative ideas and thoughts we subconsciously hold is detrimental to our health, our way of life, and the life we wish to give others. Let’s be brave through our power of non-negative talk.

3 days might be laughable, but I think we’ll all be surprised how often we are judgemental of situations and other people’s ideas, actions and way of life. And even more so the negative talk we often have about ourselves. Become aware of the negative self-talk, breathe, forgive yourself for having the negative thought, and then give thanks for you. Because you are one rad human being. I know you are.

If you can get through three days, go for an entire week, then two weeks, a month and so on. The biggest breakthrough in this process is not reducing the non-negative talk, but allowing the forgiveness in yourself for having those thoughts.

My 3 minute meditation each day will also help with this and I’ll be posting my guide to 3 minute meditation in the next day or so.

So let’s do this together. I’m up for it, I hope you do it and see the changes in your life and in those around you.


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