3 Minute Meditation

3 minute meditation is life changing – every day. It’s giving you a little opportunity to open up your heart and mind to the possibility of meditation. I also know how hard it is to quieten those pesky inner thoughts. I bet finding that 3 minutes in a day to meditate is going to be a struggle – it definitely was for me. But I’ll give you some hints and guidance on how to stick to it, how to get the most benefit, and how to extend beyond the 3 minutes. Ok, ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I think you’ll be surprised at the transformative aspects that 3 minutes of meditation can provide.


The first step in your 3 Minute Meditation is to be committed – committed to do it everyday. Once you’ve begun, you will look forward to this gift of silence that helps you look inward everyday. This may be the only time you get to just be you; to just breath, just take in the moment and stop. I think we all deserve a precious 3 minutes to honour ourselves everyday. It’s tough being in the world somedays, and knowing you can wind down, let your thoughts come in and float away, and not feel obligated to anything but the beating of your heart.

The second step is doing it at the same time everyday. Now I know this is a hard one. But think about the best time for you – maybe just as you wake up, just after your shower, before dinner, before bed, just after the kids go to school (in the car), etc etc etc… This may go against the usual etiquette, but if the worst that can happen is maybe being late to meet someone by 3 minutes: apologise and say you were meditating – pretty good excuse! I bet they’ll want to know more.

The third step is doing it in the same place. Setting up an area, or sitting on your favourite pillow or looking out a window, or being in a place you identify with a moment in time where you feel safe, secure and uninterrupted. The location doesn’t need to have a million candles or need lots of preparation time to set up, it just needs to be a spot to help you relax quicker and give in to your meditation.

3 Minute Meditation
* Start by sitting in your favourite place, in the place you’ve chosen for your 3 Minute Mediation. Be calm, with love, and set an intention for your meditation. Something that when your mind wanders you can always bring yourself back to. For example – honouring yourself, love for your partner, a calmer day, strength for someone having a difficult time etc…
* Set a soothing alarm on your phone for 3 minutes and pop the phone on airplane mode
* I like to sit with my legs crossed with the back of my hands on my knees, palms facing up and my back strong and sitting up straight but relaxed
* Once you’re comfortable, press start on your phone
* Close your eyes
* Allow your focus to be on your breath in and out, and free flowing breath (or you can chose to focus on your pulse and your heart beat)
* Thoughts will find their way in, acknowledge them and let them go, re-focusing on your breath, your pulse or your initial intention
* When your alarm goes off, smile to yourself, breath in and out, and thank yourself for the gift you just gave. Namaste.

Your three minutes could feel like a lifetime or it could be over before you know it, and it will change from day to day. Somedays you may feel an intense emotional outcome and other days it will give you increased energy, depending on what’s happening in your world. The impact of your meditation will surprise you. Commit to honouring yourself and giving yourself some silence everyday, it will make you feel more balanced, more focused, more true and relaxed. The key is finding those 3 minutes every day – you deserve it and it costs nothing! How unusual in this world, right? Give yourself a week, then two weeks and so on. If you miss a day, you always have tomorrow. Commit to 3 minute meditation and you’ll change your life.


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